By Awe Oluwasanmi Emmanuel

Believe me, take it or leave it. Your generation are eagerly waiting for you to spring forth, table what you’ve got, provide solutions to their problems.

Either you fail or succeed, your generation awaits you.
The most disappointing part is most people have disappointed their generation, their generation saw a rising sun lighting up their sky, they were happy and loudly saying “thank God, someone is coming that would heal our lands, secure our future, give us a voice and take our pain away.” But what do they get in return, a sun that suddenly fell off the sky at the middle of the day when it should be at its brightest booming like a wildfire.

Some people have being given the title of failure by their generation that this one has nothing to offer, he/she is just another number to the ones gone ahead.

Like the flower scent many have faded away, just like smoke some disappeared and like fire many have be quenched.

“Never forget this your generation awaits you.” So, are they going to keep waiting?

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