Life consists of attributes that influence human thoughts. As long as you are sane, you can reflect on the past, prepare for the future; and sociologically upright, then you are also alive to decision making.
        Your beliefs is the manifestation of ideas you think is right, your philosophical perspective about life, conformity with norms, good or otherwise, your views on everything that happens around you comes from your mind. Mindset birth mind sight which reverberates life style. Your decisions are the product of your thoughts.

        Life poses numerous events that comes along with negative thoughts and notions, but it’s necessary to focus on the positive side of situation, focus on the humor and lesson in bad situations, see opportunities in difficult situations, eliminate negativity before it consumes you and make the best out of everything.

        Your thoughts determine how far you go in life, your decision to stand out and make difference and what you stand for or against. When you gain control over your thoughts you gain control over your life. Positive thoughts make up the positive you. Life in you is what it is to you. Negativity is a decision. You are a result of what you think.

By Adesalu Adenike

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