According to Oxford dictionary “consistently” means always behaving the same way. As writers, it’s important to write make it a duty to write. A lot of benefits are associated with it.


●Improvement: When one does something over and over again, one gets better at it. Its also important as writers to write consistently, it would bring improvement.

●More insight gained: When writing there are some thing that as a Writer you would discover, this would also help to boost your insight.

What hinders a writer from writing consistently?

● The voice of Not being Enough: This occurs majorly when you feel you can’t do it, you give yourself excuses why you can’t write. You feel you are good enough.

● The voice of being enough: This is being satisfied with mediocrity.No matter how good a writer you are, yearn to be better.

● The voice of not having enough: Not having enough, although you know enough is crippling. And that’s why a lot of writers drop their pen for so long.Do you believe that not having enough leads to writer’s block?

Other factors that hinders writing consistently are:

•Not having enough resources.
•Not having enough time.
•Not having enough ‘motivation.’

The only way to overcome writer’s block is writing, not just writing anytime you feel like but writing consistently.

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