We write in the name of our interest, changing the narratives of African Writing.

In our previous blog, we explained, as a writer, to spur an interest in a specialisation, you need to read and write every day.

We noted, through that, your interests will reach the stage of an Art, that’s when you write without glimpsing through to proof because you’ve mastered it to a near-perfection degree.

At this stage, you must adopt 3 three learning approaches.

To learn how-to-learn, relearn, and unlearn.

How to Learn

Just has Covid-19 exposed the human ignorance of washing hands, that is how learning takes us around the world without a flight.
Learning how to learn means you should be submissive when learning. Be opened to new information, that’s how you learn to learn.

Learning to relearn

When you learn, to relearn, be willing to refresh your mind back to what you have learnt time-to-time. Learn what you know again, in a style, from a different

Learning to unlearn

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, explained ”seek to understand, before you seek to be understood”. It points to understanding before wanting to be understood which is the cardinal of communication.

When you have learnt to learn and relearn, be ready to unlearn.
You learn to unlearn when you accept what you thought you know isn’t the credible information in replacement of what is right. That’s how we unlearn.

Write in the name of your interest. Learn to learn, unlearn, and relearn.

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