The contemporary world we live in today is highly moved by what is seen or heard. Once you don’t constantly show yourself up, there is no way people can get to notice or even know you.

Starting from the moment you begin to write and dish out contents for an audience/people to read, your name is no more a ‘name’. it is a BRAND!

Your writer’s brand name can be in any form; either your real name or your pen name.

So far your name goes beyond just a simple means of identity or your name is attached to doing something like writing, then you have started building a brand with that name. Brand is everything people perceive you as. It’s your special personality!

Having a brand as a writer sends a message to your readers, and it is that writing to you is far beyond being a passion, hobby or a usual exercise that everyone does; It is your profession, and somehow it earns you a respect and admiration.

Writing is something virtually everyone can do. I mean just any anyone can take up to their social media handles, simply write and joggle some words and sentences together and call his/herself a writer. And of course, he/she has just written something. The fact is undisputable!

But building a brand for yourself in writing will distinguish and stand you out like a golden thread from the pile of other just-anyhow writers. Not only will people get to always take your contents serious than ever, but you will also make them desire for more of writings — and as such, your coast of influence and impact enlarges.

However, it is extremely important you have a niche and forte in writing. You may choose to be an essayist, satirist, story writer, flash fiction writer, poet or in any other genre of literature. Be known for one or two! And it largely depends on what area you well-versed in the most.

In fact, you can even have a particular subject matter you are so passionate about and you will love to be well-known for. Be it anything; inspirational, social issues, national issues, religious or perhaps some specific topics. Position yourself as a authority in anything you’re writing about, which will in return give your writer brand a solid credibility.

This boils down to fact that you don’t have to be a jack of all ‘writing’ trades before you are well-known as a brand. As well, that unique and superb writing style of yours can be modelled into your brand identity.

One of the ways you can exploit to build a reputation for your brand is the online space — either on social media or blog or website or even all. Your handles must portray your brand identity and who you really are.

If you want to build a brand, your contents and posts online must not be full of frivolities and jejuneness, because it is important you have the intention and purpose of making an impact with them.

Oh, don’t get me wrong! You are at liberty to post your pictures, selfies, happy birthday posts, or your various activities. But make sure they all revolve around your writer brand identity and purpose.

For instance, you’re a writer or poet, then through your posts, captions of your pictures, celebration of friends and families’ birthdays, the way you present your contents must be in a writer-like manner.

Are you even thinking that you don’t have a lot of followership in toll yet? The question should be; the few you still have now, are you making the most out of it? The truth is, the big personal brands we have in the writing industry today never started out as big as they are now. They were just committed to process of growth and were very consistent with churn-out of their articles/contents before the opportunity of large followership and readership came knocking on their doors.

Start out now! There is no time to start building your brand and reputation in writing than now.

Soon enough, your identity and tentacles may even transcend off the online shores, and people even get to know you real-time in the offline space.

Your ultimate goal as a writer is to someday be a renowned author.

In the clover, it is often believed that there is a great tendency that people will most likely buy any book coming from you, if you have been so committed to building your brand-name over the years. It will boost your books marketability, because your literary antecedents will begin to speak vociferously for you. People fall in love with an author first, way before they read their books, because they have already created a lasting impression with their readers. They will recognize and respect you for what you have previously done.

Is it book/novel you hope to write? You want to publish a poetry collection of yours?

Start building your brand and give yourself a credibility as a to-be author. So when you finally publish your books, you won’t have to lot to say to convince your readers to buy the book you have written. In fact, they will be so eager to read whatever you have authored on the book, just because you have never fallen short of their expectations before. Because they are well-acquainted with the good quality of your works. So, selling your books and being a famous author become easy, just at a snap!

Today, if John C. Maxwell or let’s say Chimamanda Adichie writes a book, many people will buy it and the book’s marketability will be facilitated by that.

Branding is highly essential to your writing career. ? Start building it now — and every little effort you commit to it today will amass into a great deal of influence someday!

Project your voice, and be heard. Be consistent with it. Let people look up to you as respectable and professional writer.

Build your author profile and portfolio!

You’re a brand, so you just need to let people see you as one!

Pison Books is ever-committed to play a significant role in the building of your writer’s brand and someday shoot into the literary limelight.

But it all starts within you — to take the step towards it now!

Thank you for following this lesson to an end.

Happy Weekend. Join us next week.

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