Dear prospective applicant,

Thanks for choosing to apply to join our literary and publishing company, Pison Books. This is one of the best decisions you’d ever make, I daresay. First, let me tell you a story, one you would probably relate with.

During my high school days, one of the topics in Mathematics I particularly found most interesting and remarkably resonating was Set Theory. In the topic, the more I drew those Venn Diagrams comprising of circles each pictorially representing a set, in order to make them all intersect and overlap, the more the meaning and concept of life became clear to me through the message depicted in the diagrams. It was always amusing yet insightful finding the most common element of the varying sets, which in itself, is the end goal.

Venn Diagram

Each time I looked at this simply beautiful diagram enclosed in a rectangle, I often related it to life’s journey of finding clarity and purpose, and would ascertain that we can only be fulfilled and successful when we have had our different sets in life all intersected. Then, again, the reason why the sets that had nothing in common were often regarded as null {∅} dawned on me.

This analogy I inferred then indeed set me on the journey of self-discovery! I found out that one thing in a pursuit is not just enough, it must witness a confluence with other things and come to a point of alignment to make it wholesome. This, over the recent years, has influenced most of my critical decisions, and as well served as my guiding philosophy of life.

It, however, boils down to the fact that one should be able intersect one’s passion for something with other things to make crossroads, which can give one an all-round fulfilment as an individual. You may have truly discovered where your real passion and purpose in life lie, and also making impact. But these are not just enough for you to thrive well; it takes more than that. Your passion is what you should make something worthwhile out of and cross with other things, in which they can be perfectly aligned.

And of course, I bring to you ‘Profit’. In anything you do in our contemporary world, it is important you yield returns and generate leads from it. Profit is a set on its own, that you can intersect with your passion to make a perfect whole. Yes, I am conscious of the fact that living on purpose and being truly passionate about the work you do can bring about fulfillment. But it is important you decipher how to generate profit from it and as well benefit immensely from it, as that may be what will keep you going in the long run.

So, are you passionate about writing? I know your skill is just as a result of passion. But it’s high time you upped your game to thrive better in our contemporary world. The long hours and days you spend churning out those great and creative literary piece of writings should profit you in the end. In weary days, passion may not even be enough to sustain you again, so you need profit to gather strength and refuel your passion tank. These will also be times when even the likes and comments you generously receive on social media on your works may not matter to you anymore. Yes, I quite understand the role social media plays in one’s developmental journey, but know when to upgrade to a new level and lay more on your building bricks! Most of the biggest, richest and most successful entrepreneurs, authors, artisans and many others all started out with passion but became who they are today largely because they were able to intersect their passion with profit. In a nutshell, yes, your passion can eventually turn out to be financially-rewarding for you.

With utmost pleasure, I bring you a piece of good news on how you can scale up your passion for writing into a sustainable, profit-driven skill and as such, extend the reach of your impact, while fulfilling your purpose at the end. I must say, there is a crucial need for you to have all these core dots interconnected.

Pison Books, one of Africa’s fast-rising digital publishing outfit can facilitate you to achieve all those and turn your passion into profit for you. The company is on a mission to nurture upcoming writers and authors, and redefining the African arts, literary and publishing space. It is also committed to enabling you make money from your writing skills through various business services.

We recruit you, give you the requisite intensive training, offer you close mentorship, we build your skill, foster your creativity, bring out the originality in you, establish your own voice and style, you have access to a wide professional network, we help you discover the niche you’re most knowledgeable and best at, we also help turn your ideas into books, edit your manuscripts, and then we offer you the benefit of publishing them for you. And with our effective sales, marketing and publicity strategies, you can begin to make profits off your published books. We will project you to your target and right audience with the technological-driven approaches designed by our creative team.

What’s more, you will also get to develop a wide range of skills such as content development, editorial strategy, writing of all genres, copyediting, storytelling, creative writing, digital media, freelancing and so on. And as well, leadership, professional, organizational, communication and negotiation skills through our efficient workflow processes, various in-house training programmes and developmental schemes.

In case you don’t know; in this 21st Century, having a vast and incredible skills’ set that features writing can keep you relevant and position you as an expert in your field. In almost every opportunity, you will literally have to write your way through them.

So, take the decision today! There is no better time to start improving yourself to stay on top of the game in our rapidly-emerging world. The benefit of accessing the right network can’t be overemphasized in your continuous personal and professional development. I believe the greatest tragedy you can do to yourself in the aspect of development is ‘isolative growth.’ Ensure you grow with people, and of course, the like minds. By virtue of that, you will have a lot to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Won’t you rather grab the opportunity today? Yes, with us, you can write your way to stardom, and become a force to reckon with. Join us. Monetize your passion and give your author’s dream a headstart, while grooming yourself in a professional atmosphere with hands-on experiences.

Are you a writer, poet or editor? Aspiring, beginner, budding, accomplished or just a passionate one — whatever level you’re — if you feel this is indeed right for you, we highly recommend this opportunity to you and also strongly encourage you to apply.

We are now recruiting and we look forward to receiving your applications! Apply through this link. And await the other proceedings of the recruitment exercise.

Let’s bridge the gap between passion and profit for you, and set you on a journey to attain new heights in writing. And yes, we will also make a writing profession and authorship career out of it for you.

Let us help you perfectly draw the Venn Diagram of your writing craft, and find the intersection of its sets. And yes, we are that intersection!

P = {Passion}
P = {Profit}
P = {Pison Books}

P ∩ P = P

Passion intersection Profit = Pison Books

Go apply, don’t miss this incredible opportunity! Join our moving train now! Deadline is in a week’s time. Hurry up! We wish you all the best as you apply.

Best, and to your writing success,

Agbaje Ayomide

Content and Marketing Officer, PISON GROUP.

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