by Dareowolabi Olugbenga

Many at times, in our individual lives, we have more than a bad day. We have terrible days, where it does not only rain but also pours, like the figurative clouds of life pour out all its misery and it seems like the end of the world or better still, it feels like Pandora’s box of unfortunate tidings has been unlocked, and all we can do is sit through the roller coaster ride of unexplainable “bitter-bitter” trials. For some, they are tricked by their minds into taking their own precious lives, but, what if, just, what if, there were certain things we could do or say to bolster our morale, hold our heads high up and live through it.

What if we make use of certain powerful utterances. With our waking breaths, we whisper our truths to the storm, to ourselves and rewire ourselves to believe them, until we start living them. Although current situations may make them impossible to believe, but we should say them anyways, with hope. I’m not saying the utterances of Alice in C.S. Lewis’ Alice through the looking glass are lies, but I don’t think you have to go as far as believing that there’s a potion that can make you shrink, or a cake that can make you grow or that cats can disappear.

You’ll be shocked at the power you possess through positive thinking. Below are five powerful utterances, plus one, that can change your life:

1.)”I am the best”

This is without an iota of doubt the truth. First, is the utterance, that you’re the best, over time, you do not only believe it, you become it (of course, with some work) and banish all thoughts and feelings of inferiority complex. I guess you could say, that it’s quite similar to Alice’s “There’s a potion that makes you shrink” on our worst days when the world doesn’t see our potentials. The truth is, if we all went through the looking glass or took a tumble through the rabbit hole, we’d all shrink after taking that potion but perhaps, we don’t have to go that far. After all, we just need a constant reminder of our good days on the present bad days. And yes, there’s no better person to remind us than ourselves.

2.)”I can do it! I will make it”

This is quite similar to Alice’s “I can slay the Jabberwocky” said by her before fighting the monster in wonderland, but do not forget that she did slay it. It shouldn’t be so hard to believe that you can do it and you can make it. You can slay your life’s Jabberwockys, believe and just do it.

3.)”God is always with me”

On days when situation dawns on on and it pours. We need to never let go of the God-factor in our lives. The author and finisher of everything. Like a tale my old man once told me, of a man who always saw four footsteps (two for him and two for God) on his good days, only for him to look back and see two footsteps on his bad days and believed God had left him. He then heard the still small voice, that told him the two footsteps were God’s and he was being carried, that was why the young man had none. When you say those powerful words, never forget to put in ” always” as He’s always available to carry you. Just let him.

4.)”I am a winner”

Even in days, when we have to turn our backs and curl up in the dark to mourn our failures, we should always believe that we’re winners. After all, profundity defines winners as losers who didn’t quit. If a piece of cake could make Alice grow, then your mindset can surely make you win. Just embrace your failures, learn from them and never give up. YOU ARE A WINNER!

5.)”Today is my day”

This is the fifth powerful utterance which should never be underestimated. If yesterday wasn’t as good as anticipated, believe that today will be. They say, today is the present and it’s a present, right? Then seize it! It’s all yours for the taking, it’s your day, so say to yourself with all confidence “Today is my day.”

• Then one plus: “I’m more than enough.”

This utterance is the second most powerful utterance and makes you walk straight, head held high with a crown that never slips. This utterance makes you understand, that whoever leaves you or treats you wrong is at a loss. Why? Simply because you’re just more than enough.

These utterances do come in very much on bad days, but best make it a habit. Say them all everyday, believe them, become them and go conquer the world. ??

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