Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – …

Tasks and activities cannot be avoided in an organisation and there are many tasks that cannot be done alone. Team building is a form of developing or creating an effective and efficient working relationship among members of a team. It is very important to note that a team cannot work alone. There is always a need for bonding, alignment and having different amiable skills to achieve a common goal in an organization.

Team building in a way motivate members and challenge members to strive for more and stretch out for more to achieve those set out goals. It is also another channel to self development. Based on the fact laid by the Gement Study Guide, “every individual contributes equally and performs his level best to meet the team targets and achieve the organization’s goal”. Each member of a team must contribute passionately to meet the target of organisation. Your skills, resources are not only needed but your character and commitment are definitely needed in building an effective team. Here are some qualities you need to embrace as a team member:

Collaboration: As a team member, you must be tender hearted to embrace collaboration and be ready to work effectively as a member who is willing to learn. Be zealous to work and communicate effectively to other members in a team. Your cooperation is highly important in building a team.

Accountability: accountability here means responsibility. It is an ability to be responsible for some activities in a team. Your responsibility in a team might have a tremendous effect on the development of the organisation and it is highly necessary, as an effective team member, to take up that responsibility with great passion.

Commitment: Your commitment as a skillful member of a team determines how far you can achieve your goals.

Team membership is highly important in every organisation and note that “team building begins with building trust”.

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