From research, it has been discovered that there is a direct link between the human mind and the act of buying. This is why a lot of efforts is put into copy ads., news letters and other contents aimed at getting people to buy a product or service. Words are weaved to get to the emotions of the buyer.

Take for instance, that shades you bought online, although it wasn’t listed on your budget for the month. You were surfing on Facebook, remember? Then a message popped up on your notification bar, the direction was Whatsapp. You went straight there, as if you saw your name on its headline. It didn’t take seconds before you went shopping; impulse buying.

You’re done shopping and you start wondering what made you buy. We’ve all been in those shoes, my dear. And that’s why in crafting an ad. for your product or service, not just any hand is a good one. You need an expert. You need to be an expert. It’s either of those two.

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