By Joshua Adesogan

This will be my first article in the year 2019, but definitely not the first charge or piece of advice I will give to friends, family and well wishers during the course of the festive season celebration The charge was about responsibility. Happy new year dear readers – if it is still accepted on 10-01.

We are still in that time of the year where resolutions are still being made, and some are still setting their goals for the year (yes, you are not alone — don’t rush it). I was privileged to advise some few young folks on the 1st of January, and I told them 2019 should be a year of responsibility — I don’t mean responsible as in like being the good boy or girl everyone talks about (that one is good too), but responsible as in making up your mind to be ready to shoulder activities necessary for growth and development. That being said (that will be foundation for my scary article for today), I can now write the little I know about sacrifice and pain in the context of responsibility.

Dear readers, I’m writing this not to get anyone scared, but to prepare everyone who gets to read this that sacrifice and pain are inevitable on the path to success. It is a chain; saddled with every form of responsibility is sacrifice, and sacrifice is not effective if a form of pain is not felt. Reminds me of the words of a great friend – Alex Ayo who said “You can’t be a Star without Scars”

In the simplest form, sacrifice simply implies giving up something. While heeding to the outcry of responsibility, it always comes with a heavy price tag which is Sacrifice. If I was to begin to ask each one of my dear readers to show me their working plan for the year 2019, you will see different beautiful stuffs worked out. Permit me to ask – are you ready to sacrifice all it takes to achieve these goals and dreams you have set?

What makes sacrifice a little complicated is the fact that it takes any form and it certainly brings pain. It could be monetary, emotional, time, people, fun, just name it that is being sacrificed. Sacrifice is what it is, and one thing it does temporarily is that it brings pain.

Responsibility comes with giving up something, Feyi knew she wanted to be an academician, so she needed to sacrifice more of her time and sleep to make it happen, Farouk wants to be a force to reckon with in the national economy — he needs to sacrifice and know he can’t spend any money that comes his way, even if his mates seemed to be having the fun of their lives. Funnaya could not marry his betrothed because they are both AS – he needed to make the sacrifice for the security of the future of his kids.

Every human is bound to carry a load in form of responsibility, Jesus Christ — the greatest leader who has lived while teaching some group of people who wanted to follow him said “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light,” he never said there was no burden. In other words, he meant if you want to take the responsibility of following me, there is still a load to carry. Yes, there is always a load to carry!

Responsibility is a load which requires a lot of sacrifice which in turn induces some amount of pain. Without these two, I can say there might be no chance of being successful in carrying out this responsibility. The pain ain’t going to be forever, nothing good sincerely comes easy — ask Ben Carson

As you journey through this year with your various responsibilities, I want you to know that making sacrifices and feeling pain is inevitable while shouldering responsibilities — in fact pain is proof that you are alive and it is constant temporary reminder that you are a step closer to the achievement of your goals. The sacrifice and pain is not forever – just keep moving and keep your head high, the reward is nigh!

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