By Adesalu Adenike

They continue to rekindle the fire, it is so fierce now, the pot as turned completely black, they were not even conscious of the state of the pot or should I say they chose not to be concerned?

Passers-by only noticed the black pot, each of them mumbling discretely to themselves, soon it got to where they couldn’t keep it cool again
Comments like, why did this people chose to intentionally make this pot so black, do they not know sooner or later the heat from the fire will totally destroy the pot? with that they walked away.

The younger set came, this ones are not even murmuring, they chose to make a joke out of the scene, oh look at that one’s arm, it looked so feeble like that of the leg of a chicken.

Surprisingly, non seems to think of the correct way to make things better, the worse is some actually think their actions will change the situation but they are absolutely wrong.

Nigeria is our country and if there will be any change at all, it will begin from her citizens, when I live rightly and influence people rightly and you do same, we will have a better country. Bad leadership is a reflection of the totality of the experiences of the leaders while growing. Enough of history of our hero’s past, there were heroes because they chose to do the right. How about you and me doing same.

I learnt from a podcast I listened to now quite long ago, the speaker simple state that “the world is wrong, let’s right it. The battle is hard,let’s fight it. The road is rough,let’s clear it. Let’s wake the faith we have in our dear nation because today is ours, so let’s take it”

One love for our dear nation, Nigeria.

Happy 59th independence anniversary.

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