Leadership is not gained by election or appointment. Leadership can only be earned with the right character and courage.
Leaders with good characters tends to have effective leadership than those with bad characters.
No one gives anyone the right to lead, having a position, rank or degrees doesn’t qualify anyone to lead others. It doesn’t also come with age or experience.
The right to lead can only be earned and that’s through character and courage.
To become an effective leader, one must become the kind of leaders others want to follow. No one wants to follow whoever is proud, that doesn’t have integrity or is not courageous. A leader must not focus on making other people follow, they must focus on becoming a better leader.
To become a better leader, there are various guidelines one must follow. They are:

  1. Let go of your ego
  2. Become a good follower first.
  3. Build positive relationships.
  4. Work with excellence.
  5. Rely on discipline, not emotions.
  6. Make adding value your goal.
  7. Give your power away.

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