The word leadership, is not a tag but rather an act.

Leadership is influence, not position and cannot be gained by election or appointment it has to be accompanied by a deliberate intention, action, and commitment. To make an everlasting influence which in the long ran translate as leadership.

Leadership, has unspecified definitions with each carrying its meaning and interpretation.

To be a leader, one has to possess some qaulities.

The unspoken is, influence is all that is needed for an effective leadership not appointment or election.

If a leader is influential, he extends it to his followers, he doesn’t need an appointment or election.

To make it clear.

If you instruct your workers to be at work by 8:00 am, you the manager should arrive before 7:00 am.

If they came to meet you, what do you think will happen? They’ll be forced, by natural law, to abide effectively to your rules.

Without stress, you’ve influenced them through your actions. As, such elections, appointments, corronation, and its likes are just mere title, influence is what is used to gain leadership.

If you want to be a leader, be deliberately influential.

Leadership is influence, not position

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