Leadership is defined as a position that influences or guides a set of people to achieve a common goal.

Leadership style is a certain manner of action leadership is carried out.

I bet you didn’t know that we have four types of leadership styles, or did you? If you didn’t, well, now you do. It might also interest you to note that an effective leader adopts not just one or two of the styles but all four styles depending on some factors. Amazing,  right?

Types of leadership styles

1. Directing style
2. Coaching style
3. Supporting style
4. Delegating style

1. Directing style : True leadership is not always about dictating how the ‘boat’ must be paddled. So, this style is more of a management tool than a leadership tool. This style of leadership works best when a leader is working with freelancer(s), not managing a direct team.

2. Coaching style : As Henry Ford puts it, vision without execution is just hallucination. Every leader understands this and as such, as visionaries, they help the other members of their team to understand their vision. This motivates the members of the team, thereby enabling the achievement of their goals.

3. Supporting style : For the umpteenth time, a tree cannot make a forest. Using this style, a leader puts into consideration the other members of the team but still has the final say. This helps each member of the team prove themselves and give them a chance to make decisions.

4. Delegating style : This style is best employed when leading a team of senior leaders.It is based on a complete trust the leader has on the individuals or team as a whole because he or she believes in their capabilities. This style is not advisable for a leader working with a team of junior staff.

Now that you know the four styles of leadership, which have you been employing and which will you be implementing starting now?

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