Trust you all doing great and I know majority of you are still trying to adjust to working from home. It is not that comfortable at all but we must look at the impact of the lock-down and play our part in ensuring the defeat of this invisible enemy even as we offer our support to the government and our incredible healthcare workers by acting in full compliance with the outlined preventive measures. We are going to get through this if we fully comply with the government and listen to our health care workers.

In all of my article series and podcasts on Leadership, I start off with John’s timeless words that inspire the production of most of my Leadership materials.

“Everything rises and falls on Leadership” – John C Maxwell.     

It is very important to recognize that leaders are always taking people somewhere. If there is no journey, there is no leadership. This means Leadership is not static, nothing like I have arrived in leadership. You are taking people on a journey and you have to recognize this.

It is important to assert that there is nothing fancy in what I teach about team building in leadership—nothing that requires a special gift, privilege, or access to power. Rather, it requires dedication to certain principles and concepts that I will be sharing with you in the subsequent series. First and foremost is my belief that success is within the grasp of each and every one of us. Success, as I define it, is not determined by fame, fortune, or being number one. Of course, this is heresy for many leaders—to suggest that something could be more important than being number one. Over and over I have taught those under my supervision that we are all given a certain potential unique to each one of us. Our first responsibility is to make the utmost effort to bring forth that potential in service to our team. For me, that is success.

Then perhaps when circumstances come together, we may find ourselves number one. If that happens, it is merely a by-product of the effort we make to realize our own competency—our full potential. Success may result in winning, but winning does not necessarily mean you are a success. I also believe it is harmful to compare yourself to others—to judge your own success based on how you stack up against someone else. Others will do that for you. My approach is to judge myself—and those under my supervision—on the effort we make to become our best as a team. Of course, in the twenty-first century it seems that comparing oneself to others and worrying about being number one are national and corporate obsessions.  If that’s your approach, fine. But for me, it isn’t fine. I do it another way, and in this article series I will be sharing the essentials of my style—the philosophy and methodology of my leadership. I sincerely hope you find there a few ideas that you can put to good use with your own organization.

Need to remind you that the necessity of staying home can’t be overemphasized enough at this time. Even more so, is the need to stay busy and engaged while at home.

I am Fidelis Ola’ Ajisafe, Founder & CEO Pison Group, a digital publishing firm and a writing and leadership academy, Faculty Director, Pison LEAD, an online business leadership program and I am a speaker, trainer and writer on the subject of business leadership and nation building. I work with forward-thinking organizations to transform their leader mindsets and behaviours.

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