By Akinlolu Damilola

Nigeria, a gun in the hands of the Whites
Shot towards any wanted direction
Her citizens so slippery like a bar of caustic soda
Her land is full of energy well untapped

And full of resources half-discovered
Her soil well arranged
Her leaders too corrupted
And to cap it all
Has a future well uncertain.

Some of her kids wonder if their mother had truly been set free
No huge difference in their mother’s pre-independence
And post-independence
She actually dwells in neo-colonialism
Yet, she saw it as a small deal.

When would our mother stop being a fool?
Asked one of them.
Isn’t fifty-nine years enough?
Asked another
Now should be the time to girdle up
Now should be the time to set ourselves free indeed
If not for now
Then for tomorrow

Let us all move forward to fight this battle
Adult and youth
Male and female
This, their lips will chant for days
Yes, the battle for common sense
Before we sit to restructure
Our shaky structures.

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