By Babalola Ebenezer

The last time I released this series was October 1, 2018. It was as thriller tagged THE SOAP OPERA TITLED NIGERIA. Did you read it?

Many months after, I went on a search to find out if our over-dependent nature was pre-destined or otherwise. Although, I didn’t find your answer, I did discover some intriguing intricacies which I’d love to share. Stay glued.

Some 59 years ago, we became independent as as nation, or so we thought. It’s 2019 and we’ve suddenly come to terms with the sad reality that we’ve only become independent slaves. “A slave is as slave, even if he’s a master to other slaves.” In like manner, we are still slaves even after we’ve dropped the chains of our colonial masters. The question now is, WAS IT A TRANSITION FROM ONE FORM OF SLAVERY TO ANOTHER? Or perhaps we should ask, WAS IT PART OF OUR MASTERS PLANS? Or, DID WE PUT ON THESE CHAINS OURSELVES? These are the questions I’d want every Nigerian to ask. Search your hearts.

It is important to note that despite hard-hitting blows, we’ve stayed strong and united. Despite the Civil wars and the Boko terrorists, despite the herdsmen and the kidnappers, we chose to bond together and fight. That to me is one great story to be told.

Moving on, I’d love to cite and re-cite our history. I’d love to serve to your table many reasons why Nigeria should be a developed country. Do you know that at least 70% of Electrical power in China is generated from coal? Do you know that what most countries make money in plethora from, we have in abundance here?

We have for so long been blind to so many things, but today serves us as reminder that we have everything it takes to be a developed nation. So, where did it all go wrong? Are we acting a script scribed by our colonial masters? Are we just destined naturally for under-development and mediocrity? Or are we the ones who strolled into this cage, and locked ourselves up thinking it was going to be a jolly ride because the cage is made of fine Gold?

I have many unanswered questions, but I know one thing for sure; WHAT WILL BE WILL BE WHAT WE WANT IT TO BE. It’s in our hands to mark our 60th anniversary either in dependence or in true independence.


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