A story idea! A story idea can come at any time. So, how do you know if the idea is worth the time, energy and commitment to write a book or piece?

How do you know if the idea you have is strong and good enough for that book you have been longing to write?

How do you know if it’s an idea that is better left in a folder?

Of course, an idea can be known if it’s a good one before writing about it, just by testing it. Now, read on:

Testing an idea involves adding flesh to a bone. It involves looking at the ending of the story from the beginning.

It is just like an architect who draws the plan of a building before the construction of the building begins, in order to know the its end result.

Testing an idea, however, involves four simple steps. These steps are to be followed carefully in order to avoid getting stuck at the middle of your draft. They are as follows:

  1. State your central idea
  2. List out your characters
  3. Write a storyline of the story
  4. Write the ending of the story

  1. STATE YOUR CENTRAL IDEA: Every story has a theme. Yours can be love conquers all or light must comprehend darkness, or just any theme. State it, write it down, and ensure it’s in alignment with your story idea, so you don’t deviate at the end of the day.
  2. LIST OUT YOUR CHARACTERS: A character is a person in a narrative. Write out all the characters of your story, their roles and how connected they are. That will afford you much clearer view of your story.
  3. WRITE A STORYLINE OF THE STORY: A storyline is a short summary that gives the gist of your book in 1-2 sentences. It tells the reader who the main character is, what the conflict is, and what the stakes are. Basically, it’s the WHO, WHERE, WHAT, and WHY of your story, but not the HOW.
  4. WRITE THE ENDING OF THE STORY: Know where your story is leading to. Does your main character succeeds or not? Dies or not? Is the conclusion emotionally satisfying? Is it a happy or sad ending? Knowing the ending is helpful for first-time authors. Every scene you write must move the story forward. Every conflict moves your main character toward the final resolution.

Conclusively, while testing an idea, one must be patient because writers who do not take their time to test a story idea before writing about it end up getting stuck at the middle of the draft or may never finish the story they start.

Take the bull by the horn today. Grab your pen. Get to work. You can write the story of your dreams. Dear writer, we believe so much in you.

Here’s to your writing success!

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