By Babalola Ebenezer Oluwaseyi

I promised to, and I am doing already. You know why it’s easy to keep to my word? I’ve made it an habit, to do what I say. It’s now a normal thing. Or I could say, I have learnt that to be successful as a writer (or anything at all), you need to make consistency an habit. Habits resonate consistency, and vice versa. Where did I stop last time?

A quick check reveals my last lines were “…They always strive to maximise their potential: Successful people die empty. Know ye not that the graveyard is richer than the oil fields of Saudi Arabia? But not one successful person is in that statistic…”

If you’ve followed through till this point, you’d realise that that was my last point on MAJOR HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE.

More Habits of Successful people are discussed below:

~ Successful people have a sense of destiny, which helps to be careful about how they live their lives: You do not drive on a road leading to hell, hoping to get to Heaven. Successful people understand this fact. They do not live each day like it were an accident. You know, a caption I saw recently stuck to mind, immediately I sighted it. It read, “you either live each day believing there are no miracles or believing that everyday is a miracle.”

The key word there is live. Keep living. But not randomly, nor haphazardly. You know, while in high school, I took a course in Physics, which eventually shaped my thinking. That course deals with Vector and Scalar quantities. Do you know that humans are classified also either as Vectors or Scalars? What’s the difference? That’d be discussed in the sequel to this. But you need to understand that successful people are intentional about living, not existing. This takes us to the next point.

~ They innovate, not imitate: No Matter how colored a photocopied material is, it can never be like the original. A lot of people are born original, yet die as copies. Those are the unsuccessful ones. Even when a successful person happens to be born a copy, (s)he ends up an original. Their ability to innovate is their greatest strength.

~ They are highly focused: They focus on one thing at a time. Then go to another thing. They understand the principle o focus before diversifying. They know what they want, and they breed on it till it’s achieved. They aren’t a Jack of all that masters none.

~ They don’t procrastinate: Maybe I need to let you know that whatever is shifted today to tomorrow can still be shifted till the next. Procrastination is a time — waster, and dream-stealer. Yet, the only way it can be arrested under the law, is to get doing things as soon as they come. Successful people have this as a part of their digestive system.

~ They are good learners and they’re teachable: It’s one thing to be a good learner, and another to be teachable.

We’d consider the difference in the PART 4 of this series. Stay updated on our website.

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