By Babalola Ebenezer Oluwaseyi.

— What you don’t know about Habits.

— Habit of successful people.

• Last time, I tried to lay a foundation on the subject “HABITS.” What I skipped mentioning was that HABITS ARE FAR MORE THAN WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE AT THE SURFACE. Habits are deep-rooted materials. They are like the harmless view of dilute Hydrochloric acid, yet move a little closer and touch. That habit you have is a constituent of your eventual success or failure.

You go around trying to change what we can change within. Your habit is your way of life. Can I add that the results we run around looking for, is in the process we run away from. Focus on what needs to be focused on, and let go of what is trivial. That’s how to deal with habits.

• The following are major habits of successful people:

~ They find breakthrough where others see problems: Does it sound ambiguous? No. Seeing problems as problems is a bad habit that has blinded people from their success. Fortunately, successful people know that every problem comes attached with a solution.

~ They are hardworking:* There is a huge difference between hard labour and hardwork. Hard labour is a curse, Hardworking brings blessings. I refer to an article I wrote some months ago titled ‘Busyness versus Accomplishment.’ I wrote, “some people just busy without any productivity.” This is not the case with successful people. Remember, success is a process, other than a result.

~ They are not controlled or limited by fear: Fear is illusion in the lens of the successful. They face everything that comes their way, with a willing mind.

~ They always strive to maximise their potential: Successful people die empty. Know ye not that the graveyard is richer than the oil fields of Saudi Arabia? But not one successful person is in that statistics.

What have you learned thus far? I’m not done yet, there’s a part 3. Check it on the next blogpost on the Pison website.

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