By Babalola Ebenezer Oluwaseyi

I couldn’t remember the last time I had a fight with anyone. Here I am, sitting and thinking of how my life got shaped — to this extent. Just like a flash of light, I recalled my last speech during my high school days. I was (and still am) one of those who love to show people the ‘hows’ of breaking free from so many chains, chains you locked yourself in, by yourself. It was so easy a job to do, because I was myself, not just addicted to so many habits, but was an addiction myself.

I remember my last high school speech. It was centered on ‘HABITS.’ I can’t define what an Habit is, but I sure know that your HABIT(S) is(/are) clinical in forming the person you’d become. Your habit is what makes or breaks you. Take as second, and think of who you are right now. Think deeply. What made you the who that you are today? Was it magical?

Scientifically, it takes just 21 days to make an habit, and trust me, it takes far more than that to break it. When I was much younger, my Dad would say, “it is better that an evil spirit doesn’t gain entrance to your life in the first place, than trying to cast it out, after entrance. You’d never remain the same.” This is the case with habits as well.

The following are cogent points on HABITS:

1.) Habits are learned behaviours.
2.) Habit is something you can be described with.
3.) No matter how frequently you pray for success, if your habits aren’t geared towards success, it’s vain.
4.) Habits dictates our life.
5.) The habits for failure or success are as common as nose picking, nail biting, etc. The only difference is that, those for success of failure are hidden, they aren’t palpable.
6.) We first make habits. Then habits make us in return.
7.) Habits are to be enjoyed. When they aren’t, check yourself. Successful people ride along with their habits.

If you aren’t clear with the seven listed above, I’d be dropping a sequel. Wait for it. And after reading, form an habit of acting what you’ve learned. It’s a good habit.

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