Growth is one of the essential qualities to identify a living thing. It is a gradual beginning or coming forth of a living thing. Just as growth is essential to man’s living, it is also necessary to feel the substantial amount of growth in our writings endeavours.

You can only be the writer you actually desire to be if there are reasonable amount of growth you exert to your writing. Here are the certain steps to consider on how to grow as a writer.

Read more books than you write:
What makes a great writer is their ability to read well. Reading does not only improve your writings, it also unlock your creativities.

Improve on your literary knowledge:

As a writer, before you can play on words, you will need to master every words and its usage in grammar. Know every words before you can break rules for your poetic licence. Also, improve your lexicon by learning new words everyday. This helps you strengthen your writings.

Learn from criticism:

You can grow better from what people say about your work. Don’t be too rigid with your writing rather be open minded to corrections from other writers. This helps you know your flaws and deal with it.

Have a writing goal:
Dedicate time to your writing. Have a goal you smash up in a day and plans you want to execute in a week on your writing. This builds you up and makes your work better. By doing this, you could write thousands words in a week.

Have a writing community:
You can’t grow alone. You need people who are growing writers like you. This motivate you to write more and also help you see the world of creativity from different perspectives.

Above all, take a writing class. Apply for writing class that will help you become better in your writing.

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