Writing, they say is an art that never gets old. And what we have written is what will be left after we are all gone to the life beyond.

It is also one veritable way preserve our cherished history and memories, and jow the future generations can get to know about our time.

As Benjamin Franklin once said in days of yore; “If you wouldn’t be forgotten as soon as you’re dead, it is either you write things worth reading or do things worth writing.”

But we tell you, nothing compares with the former. Many great people who did things worth writing, also wrote books/things worth reading.

Of course, just like any skill, writing takes constant practice, training and experience to develop. It is neither an innate ability nor even a talent. It is never a fun activity.

As such, there is a need for you as a writer to see it as a JOB, and not as an HOBBY.

It requires a great deal of hard work, persistence and conscious efforts to gain its mastery. Being good at it never just happens out of the blues. It is a result of a dedicated process!

There are resources you must deliberately invest heavily in honing your writing skill to make you write effortlessly.

So, seeing the art of writing as an hobby makes you want to do it at your leisure or relaxation time. And in that case, there will be no sense of commitment and dedication to it. You only get to write in your comfort zone — a zone where nothing significant is ever achieved.

A job is something that one does regularly — what you are always responsible for and obligated to. It’s a duty you must perform!

A job you are very consistent with eventually develops into an habit. So, writing often and daily goes a very long way in making writing an habit for you. The deftness of the art is an ‘acquired’ mode of action that shows itself in regularity or increased facility of performance.

Your habit/job of writing, not your hobby of writing, is just what you need to become a seasoned writer and ultimately build a successful authorship career.

Challenge yourself to writing today!

Write your way through writer’s block. Yes, you can also write your way to stardom.

Practice writing constantly. Do not get tired. It’s not meant to be perfect at first, you can always edit later.

Cultivate the habit today.

You don’t just write just for the sake of writing. Have a purpose you want to achieve with it.

Write, not because you derive pleasure and relaxation from writing. Write, because it is your right to write!

Write, because it is your JOB, passion, profession and even calling. You will make the best out of your writing skill, if you think of it this way.

Your dream of becoming a best-selling and renowned author is valid, only if you believe and gear your great efforts towards it.

You have an essay competition you want to participate and win! You have a book you wish to author someday! You have a blog you hope start and build to become famous. It all starts from now.

You must be very willing to be diligent, determined and go extra miles on the adventurous journey to actualizing your dreams in writing.

However, reading is also a way one can get to improve in your way of writing. Reading builds your active vocabulary, teaches you the standard grammatical structures of sentences, provides inspiration, and shows you what can be done with the use of language. Reading is just as essential as the actual writing, because it is a fuel to your writing machine. Reading just gives you the confidence to write more!

In a nutshell, it is often believed that a writer never remains the same as he/she was, after the concluding each and every of his/her piece of writings.

This implies that many things get to even change about us when we keep writing on and on — your way of thinking, your system of beliefs, your reasoned train of thoughts, aesthetic intelligence, discovery of new insights and perspectives and a host of other things that strengthen our intellect and rationality. Not even excluding your style of writing.

Make writing your Job, and not your Hobby!

Thanks for reading through our editorial for this week. Join us next week for another incredible piece from our stables.

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