By John Tosin Adekunle

After reading a thought-provoking paragraph of a powerful book, my heart kept racing back to read over and over again.

Surprisingly, my attention was not even focused on the paragraph anymore, but on the name of a famous American sunk within the paragraph. And the more I tried to force myself to read further, the more opposition arose from this magnetic name.

“Was my heart charmed by this name or what?” I wondered!

In a motivational video on my phone, the name was mentioned, and even though much of my attention wasn’t focused as I heard the name being appraised for his famous quote, stumbling across this name within the paragraph caught my attention making it undivided.

I even found myself trying to “cram” this name even though it’s not a name of my nationality. I repeated the way it was pronounced severally by the motivational speaker.

What a world I whispered to myself!

What could be this powerful secret behind the scenes, taking hold of my heart and never letting me go?

I didn’t read a step further before my heart counted multiple beats to the tune of men’s legacy even when they’re no more.

Whenever wisdom and wealth is mentioned, Solomon is a pointer
Whenever earnest prayers are discussed, Elijah isn’t forgotten
Talking about a famous runner, Usain Bolts’ thought often pops up
What about a great writer and speaker, you won’t forget Myles Munroe. In the poetic world, Williams Shakespeare comes into play.

More like these could be mentioned with their legacies, and even though most of them are long dead, they’re practically alive through their legacies.

Their voices are still heard deep down the well of our souls. Their words are still felt to be deeply written on the wall of our hearts — just for the life they’ve planned beforehand to live.

And one thing that amazes me about them is their remembrance for humanity, and this wouldn’t have been possible without an eye of vision. They not only have vision for themselves, but also for humanity.

What a gift to be reckoned with by our works.

Indeed, you may not be able to offer your life to men, yet, perhaps, reading that book you’ve been procrastinating on could be the greatest favour you would render to that dying soul gritting his teeth, sadly in one corner of the world!

You may not be perfect yet, but picking up your pen to ink into an article that small idea you’ve got from the gleaned book, could be one of your greatest legacies!

Oh yes! Your vision may be as wide as the universe, yet it’s not wide enough unless it seeks to capture the essence of humanity — having your signature on their heart!

Never intend to fulfill your inherent vision without a consideration of your impact on the world. The world needs your vision just the way mine is needed for flow of life.

And for this to be truly accomplished, each must look inwardly; cracking the pod of his mind and seek to release the blessedness of his potentials and abilities.

The time is ripe for in cooperation of our vision to truly break forth. Let’s rise, let’s shine, let’s break forth and pinch in the heart of the world our legacy for a propitious end of purpose to be met.

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