It’s true that life has several ways of dealing with man; whether to deal with him or teach him a lesson. But no matter how challenging the circumstances may be, man always gets the gain, and the experience matters in the pursuit of life. Most times, many people are obsessed with success and don’t want to embrace the aura of failure. But man is created each day to own their pursuit, and from this, failure may loom in and take over the day. The best way to embrace the lemon life throws at us is to take up the challenge and make lemonade out of it. From this experience, we get motivated and become more informed. And this– both failure and success can be used as an instrument of change. Then, what exactly are you changing? Is it what resort to failure? Or what you feel is retarding your personal growth? Remember, nobody will do the work for you. You have to do it yourself. Take responsibility. Be accountable to yourself.

Nobody succeeds in isolation. Likewise, nobody succeeds in killing themselves for failing.

Your life is in your hands!

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