The Fertile Farmland

A fertile farmland is a productive one, a farmland filled with green and good vegetables is a very fertile one, whatever is planted in a fertile land will surely germinate and produce bountiful results.

Nigeria is a fertile farmland, whatever is sown in it will surely produce results, either good or bad.
Our Independence and being a republic was as a result of the efforts of our forefathers, they fought vigorously to make us independent and they were victorious.

The good and bad efforts of our leaders for the past 59years made us who we are and where we are today.

Those efforts are the seeds sown in our land in the past years, in which we are reaping from today.

Your efforts, my efforts in our land today will determine where we would be tomorrow, don’t forget Nigeria is a fertile farmland, endeavor to sow the appropriate seeds in order to reap bountiful results.

My fellow youths, don’t wait for our leaders, start making efforts in order to have a bright future, those men are old they will soon leave those seats and one day it will be your turn, what will you do or what will you offer the nation when you get there if you don’t start now.

Start making efforts for Nigeria to be great.

For Nigeria to be great, for a better tomorrow and for a brighter future, it starts with you, it starts with me, it starts with us!

God bless Nigeria!!!

Happy 59th Anniversary.

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