By Dare-owolabi Gbenga

Today, the phone rang and i felt the need to pick up the call, but it wasn’t really my phone ringing.

It was a call for truth and honesty, a call for growth and a call for a reality that doesn’t betray true patriotism.

Today, my phone rang, and it was a call to end the many woes of my father land but i realised i needed more than a burning desire to do so. I needed more than desire, more than passion, more than a longing.

I realised i needed to understand the
values of my father land and revive them, i realized i needed to change myself and the mindset that i could do nothing. I realised i needed to work for the long desired change by changing me and changing my environment, one man at a time.

I realised that one day, the Nigeria we all dream of could be more than a dream if we believe with action.

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