The time is really here. The COVID-19 pandemic has emerged a new world order, altering the workplace from what you used to know it to be. Remote learning and working from home have been the order of the day. At Pison Books, we cannot but concern ourselves with these developments and how writers, our audience, can make this social distancing period worthwhile for them — boosting their productivity, honing their writing skills and catalyzing their growth. As a writer, you must have been worried as to how to not make this time pass without you making the most of it. Yes, we are very much thinking about you. And we have therefore offered you the following tips. Let’s go!


Yes, write. We truly know how hard sometimes writing can be. You’re not alone. We can relate, totally. Yes, you can feel lazy to get to write, that disguises in form of writer’s block for you. But you have to really write. This period allows you the maximal time for you to think, brainstorm on new writing ideas and take your time to really write. Yes, you have the time to yourself now. So, make the best use of it. Stare at a blank page, and think till you get something to write. Don’t bother about making it perfect. You can always edit your writing draft later.


As a writer, it is much more beneficial for you to read. At Pison Books, we know the important role reading plays in the development of every writer and we strongly recommend it. If you don’t read, you can’t write. We strongly believe reading is one veritable way you can learn more about whatever you want to write about, expand the frontiers of your vocabulary and develop your writing style. Ultimately, it helps you gain wider and diverse perspectives to enrich your own work. So, it’s time to pick up those books you have shelved for a long time, and started reading them. Also, find insightful articles and valuable blog posts online in your writing niche and area of interests. Read them. You will always be better for it. We recommend that you subscribe to online platforms like


We cannot overemphasize the importance of taking courses to improve your skill as a writer. We consider it so crucial that we have a subsidiary of our company, Pison Literary Academy (PLA), that is dedicated to this. Having a structured and detailed approach to learning can be very helpful for you as a writer. There are many online platforms offering thousands of courses you can even take for free during this period. Some of the courses may however require payment for enrollment or certification, but we daresay that it will be a worthy investment in your personal development. Also, we recommend that you join our Literary Academy where we offer young and aspiring writing intensive trainings via our power-packed writing courses.


At Pison Books, we believe that the greatest tragedy of any writer is not isolation, but isolative growth. Don’t grow alone. Grow with like-minds, expose yourself to open learning and have your works reviewed and critiqued — all of which will catalyze your growth as a writer. There are lots of writing communities you can join on social media. Do well to find them and join them. The benefits are so numerous. In fact, at our online Literary Academy, we not only nurture a new generation of writers, but also form a community, a very safe and supportive space to harness their writing potentials and enable them write confidently.


This is indeed the best time for you. To complete your manuscripts. To publish them. To craft those compelling stories, articles and essays, and submit them for publication on literary blogs, anthologies, journals and magazines. Visit their websites, send your entries to them. You will get rejected by some, but it’s just fine. You will get up and keep writing. There is no better time to add to your writing portfolio and build your credibility as a writer. We are always here for you. To publish your works on our blog. And also offer you our high-quality publishing and editing services for your books. Start taking actions today towards getting your amazing work out to the world, garnering your audience, building your writer brand and getting recognized for your skill.


We can’t agree more. This is the time to find those literary competitions (essay, poetry, flash fictions, etc) and enter them, even the ones you have bookmarked on your browser and gallery. You have the time now during this isolation period. It will allow you to research the topic well, and craft a powerful entry for the contest. These are opportunities for you to gain recognition, cash prizes and awards for your skill. So, enter that competition. Don’t put off its submission. Explore your chances. And yes, it’s also fine if you get rejections and do not make the shortlist. As always, you will get up again. Do not give up.

Dear writer, what are you still waiting for? Get started now. We hope our tips are valuable enough fo spur you to gear efforts towards making this isolation period worthwhile for you and stepping up your writing game.

Being a writer is a remarkably fulfilling and rewarding experience. Even beyond the euphoria of creating quality content that your reading audience enjoys, you also learn so much in the process.

Remember — you’re everything you need to write and you also need everything to write and polish your skill.

Cheers to your writing success! Pison Books strongly believes in you.

See you next week with a new, insightful blog post.

Stay safe, and keep writing! ✍️

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