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My heart is stirred when I think of the river that compasses it, The Grace of God in its infinite abundance that flows round it in every part. What can truly meet suffering (Havilah) but grace (Pison).And as a result of the overflow, the refreshment and the nourishment that Pison brought to the land of Havilah, Gold was found, what was precious indeed was found as a result of this overflow caused by Pison.I believe that the literary trade in Nigeria is like the one time Havilah, people don't really see the goldmine in it, they believe it's not a lucrative business, but we are going to cause a overflow and a refreshing that will change the mindset of people towards it.

We will make a change. I believe and hope that our articles, books, works will inspire people, especially the downtrodden, the outcast, the heartbroken, our works will overflow and refresh the lives with love, care, value and acceptance I believe that the dearth of effecfive leaders and solid leadership is rampant everywhere now, but I believe and hope that we are going to overflow and refresh the system with correct leadership through our conscious and developmental efforts and in turn build capable Leaders that will influence their society positively for the good of all. We are a company, a business organization and I hope that our audience, clients, customers, above the money they pay to get our materials and our other services will gain hope through our works, will be refreshed and we in turn will attain fulfillment.

This is what drives me and every member in Pison Book Group. We strongly believe we can! ✊

Fidelis Ola' Ajisafe CEO and Founder, PBG.

The C.E.O.

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The First Havilah Connect end of the Year Party


To inspire the world by meeting the needs of our readers with effective , build up and inspired contents at a particular time.

To build up young talented and hardworking writers and to provide them the platform for them to express themselves.

To become an effective and operative devise that can alter the structure of things that is wrong in our society setting.


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